Benefits of the App


Patient Benefits

Knowing which Doctors are around you could save you time and money.
Requesting an appointment has never been easier.
All the Emergency Numbers are available at your finger tips.
When you are on Holiday have all the Doctors in your area available at your finger tips.
GPS Navigation with your phone will take you straight to a doctor.
Review your doctor and see past reviews.
Find all the Specialists in South Africa.

Doctors Benefits

SA Doctors App will be running marketing campaigns to promote downloads and usage.
This will mean additional exposure for Doctors.
Top 3 Reviewed Doctors every month will receive a spot in Featured Doctors.
Mobile Users have exceeded Desktop Users.
People search for Doctors, Restaurant etc on Apps and Mobile Websites.
GPS Navigation will direct a patient to your Address.

Increasing mobile apps are dominating our everyday life with information that is now accessible whenever you are on the go.