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The SA Doctors App was developed to help the South African Public find doctors, specialist and hospital in their area. We have improved on this by adding your nearest Pharmacies and Vets for your pets and convenience. We also offer New products like quotes on Medical Aid and Life Insurance to make sure you get the best value for your money! The App is the most convenient way to find a doctor, book an appointment directly and having a map to drive to their practice instantly. With over 100 000 Doctors and various others listed on the app you will be sure to find the doctor you are looking for. SA Doctors App let us help you find a Doctor, Hospital, Pharmacy or Vet when and where ever you need one!

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No.1 best medical app in South Africa. Equipping you with all the necessary medical features available at your fingertips to help you with situations when you need it most. Life can have unexpected moments when things go horribly wrong. This is why we provide the service to help you get the help you need.

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