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Apply for a Life-Changing loan with MediFin

Arguably one of the most important aspects of modern living is healthcare and how we choose to provide this for ourselves and our families. In South Africa, the cost of private healthcare doesn’t come cheap and often we are left with no other option than to use our personal credit cards. But what if there was an alternative to your credit card and at a more competitive interest rate?

Apply for a Life-Changing loan with MediFin

Apply for a Life-Changing loan with MediFin – we’ll take care of the finances while you take care of yourself! So, what happens when we find ourselves in need of a medical procedure, follow-up procedure or an aesthetic treatment (such as specialist dentistry, hair restoration or IVF) that isn’t covered by medical aid? We end up with aggravated anxiety, pain and stress.
Samantha Kay Welby-Solomon
16 August 2019


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Arrie Nel Pharmacy

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